Staffordshire Disability Action Group

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The Staffordshire Disibility Action Group is here to help you through the minefield of being a parent or carer of a vulnerable child or adult with special needs. We can share our experiences, contact each other, and develop a strong body of support to ensure that we develop services in Staffordshire to meet our needs and not the needs of the county accountants.


Are you having a problem getting what you need?

If you have an ongoing issue that you want to share with other parents and carers then please let us know.

Has the system let you down?

If you feel let down by the system over the way you are treated or assessed then share it with us. We need to know so that we can collate the failings and raise them on your behalf.

Staffordshire County Council failed you?

Let us know if Staffordshire County Council do not meet your expectations in what they say or do, often they can be two very different things.

Do you just want someone to talk to?

We are all parents and carers and if you are just seeking some advice or guidance then drop us a line. We can probably point you towards the support you are looking for.

Do you want to write to us with your experiences?


If you have a special story to tell that you want to share then feel free to email it to us. If we think it is suitable to publish then we will do that for you.






rWhen you think the world is against you or people simply do not care then drop us a line and let us help.





We do not guarantee that we can publish all material received but we will try. We may contact you to suggest appropriate editing of material so that it can be published.

About Us


We are a group of parents and carers just like you who have experienced every obstacle and barrier that can be placed in the way of making life simple when it comes to caring.


At present, we are primarily based in South Staffordshire but we want membership of this group to grow right across the county. We want to be able to communicate with vast numbers of parents and carers as an organisation when the need arises. We need to react as a collective group on Issues such as proposed changes in services or consultation exercises by Staffordshire County Council which we believe are flawed and completely lacking in transparency.


We are not funded and rely purely on the hard work of a few individuals but we do care and we are passionate about what we do. If you have any issues where you believe we may be able to help you then all you have to do is ask. We are more than happy to take up representation on your behalf if we can add value to the debate.


Contact Us

You can contact us at:


Staffordshire Disability Action Group

Osborne House

Haunton Road



B79 9HS


Email us at at enquiries@staffordshiredisabilityactiongroup.co.uk




Derek Forest OBE